Genie: The Best Practice Management Software Today

Practice Management Software

Medical practice management software (PMS) is an application used in the healthcare industry to record, track and report day-to-day activities. It’s a way to collate patient records, scheduled appointments, billing, insurance details and reporting in one system.

Genie is a practice management software that offers an overall solution to data entry. The manufacturer was created by a licenced doctor. Due to rigorous research and development, the system has been in the works for 20 years. It has four main features:

Appointment booking and tracking – The application makes it easy to book and track appointments through intuitive design. It doesn’t take a lot of training to get used to the system, as it’s very easy to understand. It even has colour-coding functionalities, which can be customised according to the business’ needs.

This PMS also has more sophisticated features such as ongoing patient care management. It can track the duration of the appointment. Furthermore, it can send SMS alerts to patients and health-care providers!

Clinical record keeping – The software makes it easy to keep track of patient records. Like other PMS systems, this allows you to record the patient’s medical history in great detail. What separates it from the rest is the speciality modules. This allows you to enter data that’s unique to a doctor’s speciality!

Billing and Claiming – Using Medicare, DVA and ECLIPSE, Genie generates quick, accurate invoices without the hassle. It provides a detailed breakdown of the services rendered during a patient’s stay. In addition, it can provide quotes for future services and procedures.

Management reporting – Every business needs a management report. Genie makes it easy by automating the process. This is done through the Quick Reports feature.  Say goodbye to tedious data collation.

Genie Solutions are the official distributors of the Genie PMS. Give them a call today to get install the best practice management software in your clinic today!